I Hate Bono   2 comments

For our first foray into Daily Hate, let’s start with this motherfucker. Bono. Goddamn, I hate Bono.

I hate this motherfucker for so many things, it’s hard to know where to start. Let’s start with the overly earnest, save the world and everyone in it bullshit. Meanwhile, he and his shit band fly everywhere, sell wrist bands (probably) made from petroleum-based products, wear leather, dye their graying air, and continue making shitty music. Fuck Bono. Fuck U2. Fuck everything they did after the Joshua Tree. Some people say Achtung Baby was good. I say, fuck them too.

Look at this picture.

This motherfucker

I cancelled my subscription to Time after this. Not hyperbole. For real. Fuck Bono and fuck Time. Look at that abortion of a fucking leather jacket. Those stupid hipster fucking sunglasses. His ridiculous balding hair. Your hair is GRAY, Bono. Your hair is gray. The end. Stop dying it. And what the fuck is with that pose? You’re no messiah. You’re not even Judas.

You want to save the world? Stop talking about it. Stop touring. Go get your hands dirty, you phony, preachy wannabe martyr; go dig wells. Fuck, donate some money. You can spare it, you little shit. Stop preaching about the World Bank. Stop “testifying” before the UN. You’re a musician, a goddamned musician. Not a saint. Not a saint.

Can Bono save the world? Take yourself seriously much? I hope you die.

Fuck, half the time I agree with your politics, yet I still want to bludgeon you unconscious with a potato. Why is that? Because you never fucking shut up. FUCK. OFF.

I fucking hate Bono.


2 responses to “I Hate Bono

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  1. –{lalalalalala}–

    love U2 and that is all I am going to say about that except that I have been a fan since I was about 10 (1983, Live Under a Blood Red Sky).

    Is there anything that you love?

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